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Guardcote PVC - Air-Dry, Liquid PVC Coating


SDS Mixing and Application

Product Description: (Single Component, Protective Coating for Extremely Corrosive Interior and Exterior Environments)

Guardcote PVC is Supertough! Specifically designed for Plating and Finishing Shops, and other extremely corrosive environments, Guardcote PVC protective coating can be utilized wherever chemical attack may occur or protection is needed from harsh environmental conditions. Guardcote PVC is liquid PVC in a can. Typical uses, to name a few, are hooks, racks, concrete floors, tanks, vent hoods, pits and sumps and repair of PVC liners. Guardcote PVC also protects paper mills, chemical process plants, tank exteriors, structural steel concrete surfaces against direct contact, splash, spillage and fumes of acids, bases, glycols, alcohols, salt water, water and other corrosive chemicals as well as weathering and abrasion. Guradcote PVC can be used wherever corrosion, chemical resistance and good appearance are desired. Other applications include dams, ships, storage tanks, bridges, water tanks (inside and outside) and underwater structures. Try our Guardcote Rust Converter as a superior under-coating, along with Guardcote PVC for extra added protection.

Guardcote Epoxy Novolac TDS SDS Mixing and Application

Product Description: (Two Component, Epoxy Novolac Protective Coating for Extremely Corrosive Interior and Exterior Environments)

Guardcote Epoxy Novolac is designed for applications where splash and spills of acids, chemicals, solvents and many other corrosive chemicals occur. Guardcote Epoxy Novolac provides a very tough protective coating with excellent hardness, excellent adhesion, chemical and heat resistance, excellent mechanical properties and electrical insulating properties. Guardcote Epoxy Novolac has excellent chemical resistance to ketones, aromatics and aliphatic hydrocarbons, to include from not only acids and bases but also from nasty solvents such as aromatics, aliphatics, and ketones. Some examples include xylene, toluene, MEK, gasoline, kerosene, and hexane.  Guardcote Epoxy Novolac is ideal for use as a protective coating for concrete and steel in extremely corrosive areas of chemical plants and pulp mills, secondary containment areas, water and waste treatment plants, gas and electric utilities. Guardcote Epoxy Novolac is the perfect solution for any area that requires a supreme coating to provide maximum protection. Guardcote Epoxy Novolac is resistant to  

Guardcote GFC TDS SDS Mixing and Application

Product Description: (Two Part, Epoxy Garage Floor Coating)

Guardcote GFC is a two component, 93% (+/- 1%) solids epoxy, colored, self-priming coating, designed for applications where a high-solids coating is needed. Guardcote GFC is perfect for areas where a beautiful, high-gloss finish is desired but extreme chemical resistance isn't necessary. Guardcote GFC provides both beauty and brawn in high-traffic areas such as plant and garage floors and is also perfect for labs, clean rooms and office floors. For more chemical resistance, see our Guardcote PVC and our Guardcote Epoxy Novolac.

Guardcote Concrete Repair TDS SDS Mixing and Application

Product Description: (Two Component, Epoxy Concrete Repair)

Guardcote Concrete Repair is a two component, 100% solids epoxy, crack filler designed for shallow repair on either vertical or horizontal surfaces. This product is easy to mix and use and has a non-critical mix ratio. Additionally, the product, because it is a 100% solids formulation, can be applied thicker on horizontal surfaces when required.

Guardcote FastCast Concrete Repair TDS SDS Mixing and Application

Product Description: (Quick Curing Concrete Repair)

Guardcote FastCast concrete patch kit consists of a two component polymer packaged with aggregate for patching and repairing concrete. Guardcote FastCast is recommended for Industrial repairing of spalled concrete, holes, cracks and thresholds or uneven concrete slabs. Not recommended for expansion joints. Guardcote FastCast is the perfect quick-fix for damaged concrete. It is a two component, epoxy system, that, once mixed, literally cures in minutes and is ready to paint in aproximatiely one hour. Free yourself from wasted time with Guardcote FastCast and get on with your day.

Guardcote Rust Converter TDS SDS Mixing and Application

Product Description: (Rust Converter)

A one-step, water-based, rust-destroying treatment that stops old rust and coats iron or steel surfaces to prevent new rust. Guardcote Rust Converter is an easy-to-use liquid that contains rust neutralizing chemicals that combine with rust to convert it into a hard, black surface that stops rust, period. Minimal preparation requires a wire brush to remove only flaking rust. It is not necessary to use expensive labor and time consuming methods to remove all traces of rust. Rust is necessary for a proper chemical reaction. Application is by brush, spray or roller. Rust will turn into a black, protective coating that will begin to appear in about 10 minutes and will normally be dry to the touch in one hour. Warm water and detergent are used for easy clean-up of application tools. No need to sandblast when Guardcote Rust Converter is so easy to use. Take control of rust that will destroy expensive metal parts. Take control with Guardcote Rust Converter.

Guardcote PolyPro Primer - Adhesion Promoter TDS SDS Mixing and Application

Product Description: (Primer for Polypropylene, other plastics and metals)

Guardcote PolyPro Primer is a solvent based system that is compatible with many top-coats, including vinyls, urethanes, alkyds and acrylics. It can be used to seal leaking Polypropylene process tanks by first gaining adhesion with Guardcote PolyPro Primer and then top coating the primer with our chemical resistant coating, GuardCote PVC. It is also excellent for automobile bumpers, automobile plastics, process tanks, aluminum, galvanized metal parts and steel structures.