PolyPro Primer
advanced materials for industry
Typically, it has been difficult to gain adhesion to untreated plastic, especially non-polar surfaces such as
polypropylene. Not any more! PolyPro Primer, a polypropylene paint,  provides outstanding adhesion to plastics,
aluminum, galvanized and other metals that have traditionally proven nearly impossible to coat.

In the past, surface treatments such as Chemical etching, Abrasion, Flame treatment, Gas plasma and Corona
discharge have been employed in an effort to gain adhesion to difficult plastic substrates. Forget about it,
PolyPro Primer provides all of the advantages of the above mentioned treatments which may be  hazardous,
inconvenient, time consuming and often expensive.

PolyPro Primer provides exceptional adhesion to the following substrates:


Polypropylene             Polyethylene                 PET                Olefin alloys


                   Aluminum                                                Galvanized

PolyPro Primer is a solvent based system that is compatible with many top-coats including vinyls, urethanes,
alkyds and acrylics. It can be used to seal leaking Polypropylene process tanks by first gaining adhesion with
PolyPro Primer and then top coating the primer with our chemical resistant coating, GuardCote II. It is also
excellent for automobile bumpers, automobile plastics, process tanks and aluminum and galvanized metal parts
and structures. See our ad at

PolyPro Primer is Chlorine free eliminating the need to worry about dioxin by-products as the result of burning.
Please call
AMI with any questions concerning PolyPro Primer or any of our other products.






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