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Chemical Resistant Coatings

Choose AMI Chemical's Industrial Coatings and Rust Converter for protection from both chemical attack and environmental exposure. Also, our product, Polypro Primer, is designed for excellent adhesion to Polypropylene.

GuardCote PVC™     

Formulated by Platers for Platers! Use anywhere you would use PVC sheets because Guardcote PVC is liquid PVC, roll, spray or brush. 

Don’t worry about chemical attacks, weathering, or UV exposure when you coat your plant and equipment with our signature coating, Guardcote PVC. Available since 1978, this product is the most chemical-resistant, environmentally-protective coating on the market for the Plating Industry. Guardcote PVC is Supertough! Protect your plant and machinery from harsh acids, bases, and other strong oxidizing agents to include alcohols and glycols. 


Plating Racks          Hooks          Tanks(inside and out)           Concrete Floors         Ceiling Panels and Joists      Vent Hoods       Sumps and Pits

Guardcote PVC is Supertough! It is also a single component product, so it is easy to use and easy to repair. No mixing part A with part B. When finished, just securely place the lid back on the bucket or drum and use it again anytime in the next two years. 

Guardcote PVC is great for any industry!

Guardcote Epoxy Novolac

Guardcote Epoxy Novolac
is THE superhero coating! Guardcote Epoxy Novolac is a two part coating system, giving your plant and equipment ultimate protection from not only acids and bases but also from nasty solvents such as aromatics, aliphatics, and ketones. Some examples include xylene, toluene, MEK, gasoline, kerosene, and hexane.  If your working environment involves using extremely corrosive chemicals, then look no further. Guardcote Epoxy Novolac can withstand even the harshest chemical areas, heavy traffic areas, chemical troughs and curbs.

Guardcote GFC

Guardcote GFC is a two component 93% (+/- 1%) solids epoxy, colored, self-priming coating, designed for applications where a high solids coating is needed. Guardcote GFC is the perfect coating for high-traffic areas such as plant and garage floors and is also perfect for labs, clean rooms and office floors. Where a beuatiful but tough coating is needed choose Guardcote GFC.

Guardcote Concrete repair

Guardcote Concrete Repair is a two component 100% solids epoxy crack filler designed for shallow repair on either vertical or horizontal surfaces.  This product is easy to mix and use and has a non-critical mix ratio.  Additionally, the product, because it is a 100% solids formulation, can be applied thicker on horizontal surfaces when required..

Guardcote FastCast
Guardcote FastCast is the perfect quick fix for spalled concrete, holes, cracks and thresholds or uneven concrete slabs. After mixing, working time is 1-3 minutes. The repaired area can be painted or coated in aproximately one hour.

Guardcote Rust Converter

Guardcote Rust Converter (No Sandblasting Needed) Turns Iron Oxide (rust) into a paintable Iron Phosphate. Perfectly compatible with Guardcote PVC.

Guardcote PolyPro Primer 

Perfect for gaining adhesion to Polypropylene and other low surface tension plastics. Also has excellent adhesion to metals such as galvanized and stainless. 

Custom Coatings

At AMI, we can formulate a wide variety of coatings using any resin system you prefer (water or solvent). AMI Chemical Corp. manufactures coatings to protect and beautify any surface. Call us if you need a custom formulation. 


Pigment Dispersions

Pigment Dispersions and Pigment Concentrates matched effortlessly using high-tech, computerized equipment from Hunter Labs and X-Rite™. We use spectrophotometers to match both the color of the pigments, and in the case of miliatry applications, the refelectance curve as well. Our pigment dispersions and concentrates come in both water and solvent borne varieties, including:

• Fluorescent • Inorganics • Mixed Metal Oxides • Pearlescent          Military Reflective Tan 383 & Green 686


Additives for PVC Plastisol, Urethanes, Inks, Coatings and Plastics for controlled viscosity, static, flexibility and slip. Additives available include:  

• Antistats • Thixotropes • Viscosity Depressants • Defoamers             Pigment Wetters

Contact us today to ask for more information about our chemial resistant coatings, pigments, rust converter and additives.